Otikwitteiker is a creative team, formed in NY, currently based in Berlin, consisting of Brian Apteiker, Charly Wittenstein (photographer) and Beatrice Kiefer (Make-up artist, hairstylist). Brian Apteiker studied at  the School of Visual Arts in NYC, then went on to open his own photo studio with his long time assistant and friend Carlos Wittenstein and started working on personal fine-art fashion projects. Beatrice Kiefer soon joined them, her alchemy techniques applied on hair and skin being the perfect compliment to Otikwitteiker's visual style.

In 2010, Otikwitteiker opened their new studio in Berlin, it was there the curiosity to delve into a different idea of a child's universe began to take shape. This was not a blue for boys, pink for girls world. This is a world consisting of kids with anarchic and uninhibited impulses, magical fantasies and desires. These become the main characters for Otikwitteiker's dreamlike imagery that makes you rethink everything you ever thought this genre needed to be.

The image making process, at its core, is the concept, and subsequently, on how to translate the concept visually into the physical world. Each idea demands a unique approach on how to go about making it a real.
In some cases, Otikwitteiker stages and shoots in macro, using miniature sets as the location propped with  figurines, sand, dirt, toys... along with a painting as the images' background. The subjects are then shot in studio, emulating the same direction, quality of light and camera angle used in the miniature set. This meticulous attention to detail is what seamlessly gives a final composite in post-production, also done by the photographer. When not a miniature set, great time and care is taken to scout locations that provide the perfect environment for the concept , this means occasionally ending up in doctors and dentist offices, flea markets.